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Tire rack

Powder coating is present in the state of fine powder. Since no solvent is used, so called powder coating. The main features of powder coatings are: a harmless, high efficiency, saving resources and environmental protection features.

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Product Details

Tire rack

Product Description

Foldable tire rack also called movablerack.

It canmake the best use of the space of the warehouse under the condition whichcannot use the firm racks.

Meanwhile,it can play its double function of the rack and package and make the highdensity of the warehouse.


1. It canbe installed freely according to the real state.

2. It hasunified specification and firm capacity and the advantage of easy check.

3. It canbe used with pallet 1210 and pallet 1310.The fork man can carry goods from anydirection.

4. It canbe widely used in various fields, like transporting, moving and storing withmechanized equipment.

5. It canbe accumulated to increase its operating factor of space (at most 4 floors).Load capability: 3000kg

6. It canbe accumulated to save space when it is not used. There are two kinds:stationary type and detachable type. Stationary type rack is made of formedsteel which is stable and durable. Detachable type rack is made up with bottomand four upright posts. The bottom is made of formed steel and the upright postif made of square steel. There are two standard colors for the stacking frame:black and blue.

Packaging & Shipping


1. Plastic banding
2. Stretch film wrapped
30 days for afterreceiving 30% deposit

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